Sunset Horseback Riding Tour

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Tour Highlights

  • Breathtaking views of valleys
  • Breathtaking views of vineyards
  • Breathtaking views of fairy chimneys
  • Breathtaking views of troglodyte churches

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i am a beginner?
85% of our customers have never been on a horse before, so you’re in safe hands with us! We will tell you everything you need to know about what to do and how to ride, and give you a detailed lesson in a safe arena before heading out on the trails. We will be right there with you every step of the way throughout the ride.
Is it safe?
We want you to be informed – Horse Riding in itself can be a dangerous activity, as we are dealing with live animals in an outdoor uncontrolled environment. HOWEVER! We work very hard to make sure these risks are minimised and controlled as much as possible!
Are the horses responsive?
Our horses are trained to listen to and obey their rider, not to plod along out of habit. They have good brakes, and are soft and willing to please their rider. We take great pride in the level of training our horses are up to, and we hope you will too.
Do i get choose my horse?
Generally, no. We match riders with their horses based on a number of things, such as the height, weight and riding experience of the rider – aswell as the personality of both the horse and rider.
Can we bring food for the horses?
Absolutely! Their favourite is carrots, but they along love apples and bread. Please, no sugar cubes or liquorice.
Can we ride on our own without a guide?
No, we do not allow any rides without our guides.

Tour Length

2 hours

Group Size

10 - 15
15 - 20

Tour Type

Guided Tour



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